Adding a Simple product on the Go Africa Marketplace as a Vendor

What is a simple product type?

Simple Product– covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For example, a book a piece of Jewelry, a bag of Coffee of a specific size.

Please follow these steps:

From here you are now able to add a simple product

Please continue to follow the instructions below

 Instructions for Adding a simple product

  • Product Name: Enter product description for your Product
  • Product Description: Enter a detailed description for your product: (please be descriptive as possible):
  • Categories: Please select one of more categories that best describe your product
  • Gallery: click here to upload up to 6 of your product images, once you are done

Select one image to be your product’s featured image

  • Price
    • Regular Price – Item’s normal/regular price.
    • Sale Price – Item’s discounted price that can then be scheduled for certain date ranges. For example: The sale expires at 11:59pm of the specified end date.
  •  SKU: Enter a custom letter number code for your product SKU stands for stock keeping unit (SKU) tracks products. Must be unique and should be formatted so it does not match any post IDs. For example, post IDs are numbers so a SKU could be WS01. That could stand for WooShirt 01.

Optionally click on Private Listing, hide this product from the catalog. your product will not show up for sale to customers.

Click the “Add Product button” to publish and list your product


Click the “Save Draft” Button to save your product and not publish it for sale.

you are done adding a simple product for your Store!  for shipping you will need to preform another edit to enter size and weight & Dimensions  in order for shipping prices to be calculated correctly


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